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Salvation Ant

Salvation Ant

The Salvation Ant is a sunken ant pattern tied to fish below the surface.  Ants are one of the most prolific food sources during the warmer months with an over abundance of them scattered along any stream, river bed, in the trees, or bushes falling into the water.  Because of that they are an extremely effective bug to fish.  Not every ant will remain on the surface until eaten though, and many will become submersed in the water dropping into the fishes feeding zone.  This makes a sunken ant pattern a must have in every anglers box.  This one is tied using a tungsten bead to help it sink quickly, and get into the feeding zone.  

This pattern was designed by my good friend and mentor Gary Barnes.  Gary is a very skilled tier and you won't want to miss out on this opportunity to watch him tie.  This pattern is perfect in the summer months as a Hopper Dropper combo, as a dry dropper, under an indicator, or just on a normal drift. With Ants being such a huge food source this is a killer combo.  

60 Second Time Lapse Tutorial

Materials List

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