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This is a favorite of ours to tie and fish.  We enjoy it so much because it is such a visually stunning pattern, quick to tie, and deadly effective.  We love the darker colors in the wintertime combined with a metallic bead to garnish attention, but it will work in a myriad of color combinations to your hearts content.  We fish it as a searching attractor nymph, or in color combos to match Mayfly Nymphs in a variety of sizes from 12 through 16 on your favorite jig hook and slotted tungsten bead.   We love fishing this in a two...

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Hoppers in the summertime can be so much fun to fish.  The aggressive eats on the top are enough to make a grown man smile, and this one here giggle like a kid again.  As I began my tying experience though, I was scared and intimidated to tie them. This pattern is one that is a must have in your box because it is effective, versatile, durable taking a beating, and a quick tie.  This is why we classify this as one of our Guide Series Flies.  These patterns are so fun to tie and fish.  This pattern can be...

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The Salvation Ant is a sunken ant pattern tied to fish below the surface.  Ants are one of the most prolific food sources during the warmer months with an over abundance of them scattered along any stream, river bed, in the trees, or bushes falling into the water.  Because of that they are an extremely effective bug to fish.  Not every ant will remain on the surface until eaten though, and many will become submersed in the water dropping into the fishes feeding zone.  This makes a sunken ant pattern a must have in every anglers box.  This one is...

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