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Semperfli No Tack UV Resin Thin & Fast

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Semperfli No Tack UV Thin 20ml Bottle.

Transparent for heads with viscosity of light honey Semperfli No-Tack UV Resin dries as it says, with No Tack to its finish. It can be used to secure thread or deer or bucktail part way through a tie to allow you to continue tying without building up a profile or use it as a varnish replacement. Unlike some UVs resins on the market the no tack finish means no need to varnish over the top to get a perfect finish to your fly. Use to create heads, as a layer over bodies perdigon flies or as an alternative to superglue based flies.

The science bit – specially developed liquid monomers and oligomers are mixed with a small percent of photoinitiators, these are then stored in black UV resistant bottles. Exposed to UV energy in a few seconds the adhesives instantly harden to protect your fly.

No Tack UV Thin Benefits

  1. No mixing necessary.
  2. No tack finish so does not need covering with varnish like other products
  3. Non-yellowing
  4. Ultra-low viscosity
  5. UV-Cure 365nm
  6. Glossy and hard finish

UV Adhesive advice:

  1. All UV adhesives are best kept in a fridge, ideally No Tack UV should be kept at 8 to 28C (48F to 82F)
  2. ideal shelf life of approximately 8 months
  3. Add thin layers and  cure with a 365nm UV torch
  4. All products’ shelf-life decrease with increasing storage temperature. Storing tubes in a closed car in summer for example, where temperature may reach over  50C may kill a bottle in one day!

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