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Black Pine Squirrel Jig Euro Leech Pattern

Black Pine Squirrel Jig Euro Leech Pattern

This pattern can be tied in a multitude of colors and differing sizes.  With how fast they are to tie, how well they catch fish, and the variety of colors and sizes to tie they are a must have in anyone's fly box.  This pattern can be fished deadly on a dead drift, swing and retrieve twitch, jig action, under an indicator, or with a nymph rod and tight line technique.  You better make sure you have some of these in your box tied up in sizes from size 8 to size 12, or 14 if you're feeling really adventurous.  We believe you will be happy to add this pattern into your box.  Another pattern added to our Guide Series of fly patterns.

Materials List

Hook: Moonlit Competition Barbless Jig Hook ML056 sz8-12

Bead: Moonlit Slotted Tungsten Metallic Purple to fit hook

Thread: Semperfli Classic Waxed 8/0 Black

Tail/Over Body: Natures Spirit Black Pine Squirrel Strips

Body: Vicuna UV Black Dubbing

Collar: Natures Spirt Black Pine Squirrel in dubbing loop

60 Second Time Lapse Video


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