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Olive Guides Choice Hares Ear Soft Hackle

Olive Guides Choice Hares Ear Soft Hackle

The Guides Choice Hares Ear Soft Hackle has been around for a long time.  It's survived the test of time because it just flat out catches fish.  This variation of this pattern uses some materials substitutes that we believe are easier to tie with, and give you a wider variety of color choices to tie this pattern.  With this one we went with an olive color, with a hot spot head.  This pattern is deadly fished on the swing, or dead drifted because the soft hackle gives this pattern life.  Tie them up in a variety of colors and sizes, and make sure to have fun in tying this pattern.


Materials List

Hook: Moonlit Competition Barbless ML053 sz10-16

Thread: Semperfli Classic Waxed 12/0 Fluoro Green

Tail: Whiting Farms Red Label Grizzly Dyed Hen Saddle Fibers

Body: Vicuna Olive Dun Dubbing

Rib: Semperfli 1/69 Green Tinsel

Hackle: Whiting Red Label Olive Dyed Grizzly Hen Saddle

 Time Lapse 60 second tutorial

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