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HiVis BWO Last Chance Cripple

HiVis BWO Last Chance Cripple

The Last Chance Cripple pattern was designed by famed angler and tier Rene Harrop.  The pattern was designed to fish for picky fish on spring creeks and the Railroad Ranch on the Henry's Fork.  This pattern incorporates a CDC wing that imitates a crippled bug trapping air bubbles, making the insect look vulnerable, and an easy target. It can be tied to match any Mayfly by changing the size and color.  It is an extremely effective pattern to fish when fish seem to refuse your traditional dry fly, and we love to use as a trailing fly with our dry fly, or trail a traditional soft hackle behind it.

Materials List

Hook: Moonlit Competition Barbless Hook ML052 sz14-20

Thread: Semperfli Spider Thread 18/0 Olive Dun

Tail: Whiting Mayfly Medium Dun

Body: Natures Spirit Callibaetis Wild Barred Turkey Biot

Thorax: Semperfli BWO Kapok Dubbing

Wing: Swiss CDC Fluoro Yellow

Hackle: Whiting Medium Dun

60 Second Time Lapse

If you would like a quick and fast tutorial check out this video.

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