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Parachute Adams, Adams Cripple Emerger Dry Fly Tandem Set Up

Parachute Adams, Adams Cripple Emerger Dry Fly Tandem Set Up

Either the Parachute Adams or the Adams Cripple Emerger can be fished alone, or and tandem to increase your odds of a hook up.  Bonus if you get a double with them too!!!  This combination is easily one of our most successful dry fly set ups to fish.  Often the fish are keying in on the Parachute version of the insect in its life cycle, but not always.  When they are keying in on the more vulnerable insect the Emerger/Cripple pattern is key.

The Adams patterns are timeless classics that are extremely effective.  A big reason they are effective is because of the neutral color tone that allows it to mimic many different insects by varying the size of the fly.  These patterns can be tied in a multitude of sizes ranging from a large size 10 to a small size 20.  We like to carry these patterns in a bunch of sizes to make sure we are ready to find the right size.  Sometimes we have to change our sizes a few times to find the size the fish are keying on, but size is important to match what the fish are keying in on.  For a materials list for the Parachute Adams click here.   For a materials list on the Adams Cripple Emerger click here.

The set up is easy, quick, and killer effective.  Our set up consists of using the Platinum Featherweight Furled Leader.  We will run four feet of tippet to 5 feet of tippet to the Parachute Adams.  From the Parachute we will tie in an additional foot to 18" off the eye of the hook to our trailing Cripple/Emerger pattern.  This allows us to have less tangles, and better drifts and effective hook ups with the bend of the hook free of any tippet tied off on it.  We will fish this on an upstream technique casting upstream and drifting it down naturally.  We will also fish cross stream at a 45 degree angle to a 45 degree drift.  These are our two most prominent ways to fish these.  In the right situation we will go on a downstream presentation as well.  We fish this set up with our Featherweight, or Platinum Featherweight Furled Leaders. Fishing these through riffles is absolutely a deadly combination.  Fish this set up to your hearts content.

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