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Biot Body PMD Soft Hackle Emerger Fly with a Gray Backdrop

Biot Body PMD (Pale Morning Dun) Soft Hackle Emerger

When fishing the summer months you want to have a collection of PMD fly patterns in your box from nymphs, dries, emergers, or cripples.  This pattern for the emerger is deadly effective, when fished all by itself on the swing, or drifted trailing behind a dry fly pattern through a riffle or to rising fish.  We classify this as one of our Guide Series Flies because it is extremely effective, durable, and quick to tie.  These kinds of flies are a must have in your box.  We love the segmented look a biot gives the fly, for a realistic feel and presentation to the fish.  The Scaled Quail is the perfect feather for this pattern with its light dun color and offering you a wide variety of sized feathers to tie all the way up to a size 22 soft hackle.  This is a great substitute for partridge when looking for a smaller sized feather.


60 Second Time Lapse Video

Here is a quick 60 second time lapse of this pattern if you are looking for something quick to view vs the full length tutorial.


Materials List:

Hook: Moonlit Competition Barbless ML052 sz14-18

Thread: Semperfli Classic Waxed 12/0 Primrose

Body: Natures Spirit Wild Barred Turkey Biot Dyed Yellow

Tail: Whiting CDL Mayfly Medium Dun Tailing

Thorax: Semperfli Kapok Dubbing Sulphurea

Hackle: Scaled Quail

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