Copper John Nymph Variation

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Copper John Nymph Variation

Introducing the Moonlit Copper John Variation - This pattern is the perfect variation for any fly fisherman looking new take on a time tested pattern. We designed this pattern with durability and performance in mind. It is a unique variation of John Barr's Copper John that is quick, reliable and sure to be a hit in any stream! Get your materials now to tie up your Copper Johns today and be prepared!

The Copper John can be fished as an attractor, or used to imitate a Mayfly Nymph.  This particular technique wraps the wire differently using two colors, but also wrapping from the front to the back.  We like using this technique because it allows our fly to maintain a more symmetrical body as you cover up the wire ends with dubbing.  Where tying wire along the shank of the hook creates a bulge that leaves your fly in a more flat, or awkward shape.  The Semperfli Micro Glint offers a highly durable leg for this pattern, as well as having a wide assortment of colors to choose from.  Another bonus is it helps reduce cost of materials on feathers as well.  This pattern has worked well for us and these small adjustments have made it a quick and easy tie.  Change up the sizes, wire color combinations, and bead color to change up the pattern.  If one color combination isn't working one particular day we simply switch it up and try another until we find the magic ticket!



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