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Either the Parachute Adams or the Adams Cripple Emerger can be fished alone, or and tandem to increase your odds of a hook up.  Bonus if you get a double with them too!!!  This combination is easily one of our most successful dry fly set ups to fish.  Often the fish are keying in on the Parachute version of the insect in its life cycle, but not always.  When they are keying in on the more vulnerable insect the Emerger/Cripple pattern is key. The Adams patterns are timeless classics that are extremely effective.  A big reason they are effective is...

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Brandon Moon, furled leaders -

I started fishing furled leaders from the recommendation of my good friend and fly fishing mentor Jeff Bateham. After using them for several years I decided to learn how to make them, so I could help others have the same experience I had. I bought the book Furled Leaders by Steven Zondag in summer 2011. This book gave me a foundation but didn’t satisfy me. I then met Frank Schilt (who was taught by Skip Shorb), John Scott, and Michael Hackney on two different forums. They all have different approaches and helped me gain a greater knowledge of how I...

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