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Brandon Moon's Furled Leader Journey

Brandon Moon's Furled Leader Journey

I started fishing furled leaders from the recommendation of my good friend and fly fishing mentor Jeff Bateham. After using them for several years I decided to learn how to make them, so I could help others have the same experience I had. I bought the book Furled Leaders by Steven Zondag in summer 2011. This book gave me a foundation but didn’t satisfy me. I then met Frank Schilt (who was taught by Skip Shorb), John Scott, and Michael Hackney on two different forums. They all have different approaches and helped me gain a greater knowledge of how I wanted to go about making my own leaders.

From there I studied hard playing with different threads, materials, tapers, and twist reduction to find what my preferences where. My goal has always been to make every anglers experience as fun and enjoyable as possible, and am able to do so with our unique material blends, tapers, and twist reduction. Studying how to make the right leader to fit me became an obsession. It became my school where I would come home from work and study by making leader upon leader, and techniques.

I am always seeking for new materials, material blends, and or tapers to improve our leaders. This helps us set our products apart from others around. Development is something I love doing, I will always strive to develop and make the best leaders on the market.

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