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Black caddis (or "Brachycentrus" species) is a common type of caddisfly found in many rivers and streams around the world. They typically hatch in the late spring and early summer and are an important food source for many fish species, including trout. Hatch chart and information for the Black Caddis Life Cycle: Black caddis will spend the majority of their lives as larvae in the stream, building a protective case out of twigs, rocks, and other debris. When it is time to hatch, they will emerge from their cases as pupae swimming to the surface. Once reaching the surface, they shed their...

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We have worked hard over the years to make the best and most optimal performing leaders in the world. Here we help explain each of our Furled Leaders, and how to pick the best one for you.  Learn more about Moonlit Furled Leaders, and furled leaders here. We work tirelessly to bring the highest performing products to the market, and always looking for ways to improve.  Because of this we are the leading innovator in the Furled Leaders market. With the array of options to choose from, we want to help you make the right decision.  That is the reason...

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Either the Parachute Adams or the Adams Cripple Emerger can be fished alone, or and tandem to increase your odds of a hook up.  Bonus if you get a double with them too!!!  This combination is easily one of our most successful dry fly set ups to fish.  Often the fish are keying in on the Parachute version of the insect in its life cycle, but not always.  When they are keying in on the more vulnerable insect the Emerger/Cripple pattern is key. The Adams patterns are timeless classics that are extremely effective.  A big reason they are effective is...

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