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The MSU Guides Choice Hopper: Your Ultimate Guide to a Versatile Fly Pattern

The MSU Guides Choice Hopper: Your Ultimate Guide to a Versatile Fly Pattern

The world of fly fishing is ever-evolving, leaving innovative anglers and tiers to create effective patterns mimicking the natural insects and food sources to fool even the spookiest of their favorite fish. The MSU Hopper, is a brilliant amalgamation of inspiration drawn from the GFA Hopper, Morish Hopper, and Chubby Chernobyl, and stands as a testament to the creative spirit of fly tying. This pattern, was inspired by the talented Peter Steen, fusing the best elements of each design into a simple, quick-to-tie, and remarkably effective guide hopper pattern.

The Dance of Influence:

The MSU Hopper pays homage to its predecessors, reflecting the genius of each pattern's creator. From the GFA Hopper, it borrows a sense of lifelike realism; from the Morish Hopper, it takes the concept of simplicity; and from the Chubby Chernobyl, it learns the art of visibility and versatility. Merging these attributes, the MSU Hopper emerges as a fly that beckons fish with lifelike allure, dances effortlessly on the water's surface, and defies the conventional constraints of seasonal adaptability.

Fly Tying Tutorial

Materials List:

The Summer Symphony of Hoppers:

Grasshoppers become a staple in fishes diets due to their abundance and nutritional value.  This begins s the sun beats down and temperatures rise during the scorching summer months. These voracious insects inadvertently find themselves on the water, becoming a prime food source for opportunistic trout. The MSU Hopper, with its uncanny ability to imitate the erratic flight and accidental plunge of a real grasshopper, shines brightest during this time. From June to August, in rivers and lakes alike, hoppers will thrive near grassy banks, meadows, and overhanging vegetation, presenting an irresistible feast for hungry fish.

Foam: A Floatation Marvel for Hopper Bodies:

One of the most significant breakthroughs in modern fly tying is the use of foam for crafting hopper bodies. Foam not only provides exceptional buoyancy but also ensures durability in the face of relentless strikes. When utilizing foam, fly tyers can create intricate designs that maintain their shape and visibility for extended periods. Whether you're a novice or an experienced angler, the ease of working with foam offers a hassle-free tying experience, enabling you to produce a consistent batch of MSU Hoppers that will last through multiple fishing trips.


The MSU Hopper encapsulates the essence of creativity, innovation, and practicality that defines the art of fly tying. Its versatility, simplicity, and ability to evoke strikes make it a must-have in every angler's fly box. As you tie your own MSU Hoppers and test them against the waters, you're not only engaging in the tradition of fly fishing but also contributing to its evolution.
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