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Moonlit Fly Fishing WF All Purpose Fly Line

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Current price $35.00

Classic redesign line who’s magic had once been forgotten and it’s universal effectiveness lost. 

Moonlit All Purpose Fresh Water Fly Line

  • Loops: Front and Back
  • Type of Taper: Weight Forward
  • Floating Line
  • Head Length: 22ft
  • Total Length: 85ft
  • Core: Braided multifilament nylon

Line Head Grain Weights

  • 2wt 80g
  • 3wt 100g
  • 4wt 120g
  • 5wt140g
  • 6wt 160g
  • 7wt 185g
  • 8wt 210g

How we deliver our fly is the defining attribute to fly fishing.  This is called fly casting, but in truth you are casting the fly line vs the fly itself.  Therefore we believe the fly line should be a focal point in delivering your fly, mend your drift, and land your fish.  The right fly line is important.

If you are looking to cast long distance than you may want to look into a performance taper line or shooting head.  If smooth accurate casts are your thing than this line is just what you need.

Our goals, when designing this fly line, were efficiency and control. Our efficient fly line profile better transfers your casting energy down the fly line and into the leader, allowing you to cast with far less power and still get the desired results. Our unique profile is certainly part of the secret. The other part is our supple fly line. It forms smoother, more-efficient loops than a contemporary, hard-coated fly line. On the water, this softer fly line is less affected by micro currents...meaning, less mending for you.  This makes it the perfect choice for any angler beginner to experience. 

By shortening our weight forward section it makes casting even easier. With the shorter length you only need to control and cast the head of the line,  When you include the length of your rod, leader, and tippet you are targeting the perfect distance for your fish depending on the rod and situation.  You are no longer required to hold 47’ of fly line head in the air before you are able to successfully and efficiently shoot the line.  With this fly line you will have easy access to the running line for effortless distance in case you need it.

Image of Moonlit Fly Fishing WF All Purpose Fly Line in the Light Olive and Blue Line.

We offer two different color tones for you to choose from.  If stealth is your game choose the Acid Blue/Grey.  If you like a brighter color than the Pale Olive/Bright Green.  We worked hard to minimize the bulk in our two welded loops to eliminate more clunky casts while not losing the convenience of quick easy rigging.

While developing this fly line, we learned a thing or two we didn't expect. Not only is this fly line perfect for anyone just getting into fly fishing for trout, it's a master angler's line, too. We also learned that a truly efficient line works for all angling techniques. Whether dry fly, nymph or streamer fishing, we learned it's not necessary for a technique-specific fly line profile. All you need is an efficiently designed fly line that loves to transfer energy down the fly line. As the mass of the fly or rig increases, all you need to do is increase the line mass...don't change the profile of the line.

This line is not only the perfect line for those just starting out, but also for experienced anglers using master techniques as well.  A truly efficient line will work for all angling techniques, eliminating the need for a technique specific fly line profile.  Use one single line for fishing and presenting dry flies, nymphs, or streamers.  This is done by having a fly line that loves to transfer energy down the fly line.  As the mass of the fly or your rig increases all you need to do is increase the line mass, and not change the profile of the line. This line is perfect for all your fresh and warm water fishing, but please don’t just take our word for it and try it out yourself.


Customer Reviews

Based on 6 reviews

Great fly line for the price.


Nice line good price



Gene Gorse
All Purpose wf #6 fly line

Incredible line at an unbelievable price! After casting this line on a couple of my rods and then my new Lunar S-Glass, the terms “all-purpose” and “redesigned” certainly proved accurate, but also seemed understated. This line comes as close to casting itself as a fly line could possibly get! PERFECT match for my new Lunar S glass 6wt! $35 bucks?! Thank you Lord! Thank you Brandon!!

Thank you, Gene. This line is a great choice for either graphite or glass, and is designed to load quick and efficient with accuracy.

Excellent fly line

I bought the 6 wt version to pair with my Nirvana Super Glass 6 wt. I've found this line great with casts great with either a glass or graphite rod. The short head is actually wonderful to cast, and you can really shoot some line with this taper. The dual color is a nice feature to identify where the head ends. It is phenomenal at single hand spey casts with the short head (concentrated weight). What's nice about the short head is that if you retrieve most of the line, you can cast it back out there with just the short head out of the rod tip in one backcast. I'm a fan of this taper for sure.