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Semperfli Sparkle Dubbing

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Original price $3.55
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The Sparkle Dubbing Dispensers have a wide range of colors (up to 30) in them for your tying convenience.  Each color of Sparkle Dubbing has a very vibrant sparkle effect to it. Made of a synthetic material with a reflective sheen that reflects light, and adds luster or sparkle to your favorite fly patterns.  It is designed with light refraction and and reflection in mind, that gives every fly a nice glisten and sparkle in the sunlight that mimics the glisten natural insects give off in the water, or as hot spot trigger points on your fly to garnish instinctive strikes from predatory fish on the hunt.

They are pre cut and blended into 2' (50cm) lengths for easy handling when dubbing.  The material is ultra fine at just 35 microns diameter. Enjoy the hard work that has gone into product design to create a better more enjoyable experience as you use it for hot spots, and thoraxes on your favorite patterns

You can build your own combo pack by purchasing an empty dispenser and ordering your favorite color choices.   Each section of the dispenser will hold a full package of the individual colors.  Enjoy your own personal combo pack.