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What Makes Moonlit Furled Leaders Different

What Makes Moonlit Furled Leaders Different

Horse Hare furled leader

Furled Leaders have a long interesting place in the history of fly fishing (photo by Michael Hackney).  They have been around for centuries, and originally comprised of horse hair.  Since then there have been some advancements in materials.  Most Furled Leaders are constructed using polyester tying thread, or equivalent.  Their construction is made like a two strand rope made of just thread.  This creates a leader that is extremely limp, and lacks memory.  Although this has some benefits over traditional tapered leaders, it lacks the punch to finish turning over and laying out your fly without added bulk to the leader.  Another struggle is that it has a harder time cutting through the wind.  There are some made from monofilament fly line which definitely has more punch to them, but are very loosely furled leaving huge gaps between the strands furled together.  This creates its own whole set of problems, and extremely bulky leaders as well.


furled leader adding tippet ring

Let's talk about what goes into our Moonlit Furled Leaders now, that makes us unique and the best leader on the market.  Lets start with the tightness of our furl vs others on the market.  We furl at a much tighter reduction than others on the market which creates a naturally stiffer leader, thinner gaps in between legs, and maximize performance.  Next we mix materials with either a core of monofilament or fluorocarbon fishing line.  This core is going to mix the stiffness, and density of the fluorocarbon, to create the thinnest diameter leader with superior performance.  You get a leader with the power to finish laying out your fly without collapsing, and punch through wind giving maximum turnover, presentation, drift, hookset, drift, and durability.  

Brandon Furling up a Furled Fly Fishing Leader

We also make a Platinum Series to our leaders, and is our premium line up of leaders with the finest performance.  These leaders are constructed like a three leg furl vs the traditional two leg furl. This does a few extremely important things to create the absolute best performing leader.  First it will give you a 25% tighter furl vs a traditional two strand leader.  Second it creates a rounder cross section making it more aerodynamic, more steps in the taper with even better turn over and presentation. This is the series of leader we use and recommend.  

shorb loop at the end of the furled leader

Another thing we do is we are constantly working on making improvements to our already best in market leader.  For instance we found a better thread to furl with that gave us the strongest possible leader, making an already durable leader better.  We will work on our tapers, material ratios, or length.  We are never satisfied with staying put, but want to push the envelope in Furled Leader development.  We pride ourselves in listening to feedback and improving our products.  We take great pride in our Furled Products which are the very roots to which our business started on.  People have jokingly called Brandon a Furling Wizard.  We appreciate all those who have supported our leaders, continue to support them, and those who are new to purchasing them to help make us the number one choice for Furled Leaders.


For any help in choosing what leader you need head over to this article for any help.

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