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Perdigon Soft Hackle Nymph

Perdigon Soft Hackle Nymph

This pattern has been a go to for us this year.  The fish have especially loved the metallic colored beads paired with the shiny body of this fly and the fish can't resist.  We have combined a few different patterns into one with this one.  Perdigon style flies are becoming all the rage, and they flat out catch a lot of fish.  For us though there is nothing like a soft hackle nymph pattern.  combine the two of them, and you have an extremely beautiful fly along with one that is extremely effective.  This is a great addition to our Guide Series of Flies as it is effective, and quick to tie.  Check out below for the tying materials. For more on why we fish Soft Hackle Nymphs, and how we fish them.


Materials List:

Hook: Moonlit Togatta ML501 sz10-18

Bead: Moonlit Slotted Tungsten Metallic Purple sized to match hook

Thread: Semperfli Classic Waxed 12/0 Purple

Tail: Whiting CDL Tailing Dark Ginger

Body: Semperfli Perdigon Body Iridescent Blue

Rib: Semperfli Tying Wire .2mm Purple

Thorax: Vicuna Dubbing UV Purple

Hackle: Whiting Hen Saddle Brown Variant 


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perdigon soft hackle nymph


 brook trout caught on purple perdigon soft hackle nymph

 metallic blue perdigon soft hackle nymph

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