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Midge Reaper

Midge Reaper

Winter means that Midge patterns are king.  Josh Williams is the creator of this pattern.  What we like about this pattern is its simplicity, effectiveness, and it is just a flat out versatile pattern.  Originally this pattern is tied in purple, pink, and orange.  We like this pattern in black and olive as well.  This pattern is tied in sizes 14-20 and because of the material for the wing is easier to see.  Make sure you have a variety of sizes and colors of this pattern in your box during the winter season.

Materials List

Hook: Moonlit Competition Hook ML051 sz14-20

Thread: Semperfli Classic Waxed 12/0 Violet

Body: Hends Body Quill Claret

Thorax: Vicuna UV Purple Dubbing

Wing: Semperfli Silver Crystal Flash

Hackle: Whiting Farms Red Label Midge Ghost Barred Variant Saddle (Black, or Grizzly also work well)

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