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Benefits of Fiberglass Rods

Benefits of Fiberglass Rods

photo by Bag Of Noodles

Fiberglass is much softer action than graphite, even the fast glass rods are usually slower action than the graphite fly rods. Fiberglass fly rods take less effort to cast when casting 40ft or less, the casting motion is shorter and slower than fast graphite rods allowing you to enjoy the casting motion more and cast more hours without fatigue. We especially like the that you can feel when the rod is loaded better for more intuitive casting, this is especially useful for beginners.

Fiberglass is a bit more durable and less prone to breakage than graphite, this is also especially useful for beginners.

Fiberglass fly rods tend to deliver the fly slower and softer for great presentation.

The deep bending action of fiberglass fly rods also protects your tippet when fighting fish by bending deeper when needed on head shakes and runs.

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