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MSU Mini Hopper & Caddis

MSU Mini Hopper & Caddis

Fly Fishing is about imitating an insect to trick a fish into trying to eat it as a meal.  Because of this you need a fly that can be present and move like a real insect and trigger a feeding response.  Because there are so many patterns to do this, it can get a little more complicated, and difficult to choose how and what to use to fill your fly box with.  That is why we have worked to create a more versatile pattern that can be fished across two different insects in the MSU Snowshoe Mini Hopper and Caddis.

At first glance, this may seem like an odd combination, as hoppers and caddis are two different insects, but despite those differences, this pattern is equally effective during a Caddis hatch and fished as a hopper pattern during the warm summer days.  Tied in a variety of sizes ranging from size 10 to size 16 you can have a multitude of options during your days on the water and enjoy some of the most aggressive and vicious eats.  Sometimes a versatile pattern like this can make all the difference in what kind of day you experience on the water.

Both insects are going to be most active during the afternoon heat into the evening, as they both require warmer temperatures and sun to get going.  This means they will be most effective fished on sunny days vs overcast and stormy ones.  That said, don’t underestimate a trout taking advantage of a good morsel of food even if there isn’t a heavy abundance of them at the time.  That makes this pattern a great searching pattern or attractor pattern as well.

The mini hopper and caddis pattern is a versatile fly that can imitate two very different insects. Whether you're targeting trout feeding on hoppers or caddis, this pattern can be an effective choice. And with its high visibility and lifelike appearance, it's sure to fool even the wariest of fish. Give it a try on your next outing and see for yourself just how effective it can be.


We enjoy fishing these in tandem with a trailing soft hackle, or a smaller nymph dropped underneath.  This gives up two different feeding depths and chances at fish.  Plus, whom doesn’t enjoy hooking two fish on occasion any ways.

Fly Tying Instruction Video

Materials List:

  • Hook: Moonlit Premium Togatta ML102 sz10-16
  • Thread: Semperfli Classic Waxed 12/0 Rust
  • Body: Magpie Premium Wild Barred Turkey Biot Rusty Spinner
  • Hi Vis Wing Indicator: Moonlit Anti Gravity Tying Foam 2mm Orange
  • Legs: Hareline Fluoro Orange Grizzly Micro Legs
  • Wing: Hareline Snowshoe Rabbits Foot Rust
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