Bat Girl Quill Body CDC Soft Hackle Nymph

Bat Girl Quill Body CDC Soft Hackle Nymph

My friend Holly Finn thought we should name this pattern Bat Girl, and I thought that was a cool name. Superheroes like to fish to right? Blue is the new black, and we've experienced a ton of success with the metallic blue bead over the last several years. Blue has also been an effective color for us. This pattern uses a synthetic quill that is clear and takes on the color of the thread used underneath. That makes the possibilities endless, and believe me when I say explore those possibilities because this pattern will work in all kinds of different colors. Please share with us the color combos you come up with.

Materials List

Hook: Moonlit Togatta ML501 sz 10-16

Bead: Moonlit Fly Fishing Metallic Blue Bead

Thread: Semperfli Classic Waxed 12/0 Navy

Tail: Whiting CDL Medium Dun

Body: Semperfli Perfect Quills Clear

Thorax: Vicuna Dubbing UV Hares Ear Substitute

Hackle: Natures Spirit Dark Grey Dun CDC (dubbing loop)

60 Second Time Lapse Tutorial


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