What Tenkara Line Best Suits You?

There are many Tenkara Lines on the market today with many differing opinions and or attributes.  Sometimes choosing the right one to fit your needs can be frustrating and daunting all at the same time.  Like in the world of Western Fly Fishing the right line makes all the difference in the world.  Choosing a quality line that match’s your style, and meets your criteria.  That is why we offer several different lines to better match your needs, and make your experience as enjoyable as possible. We ara constantly looking at different materials and ideas to improve our lines and innovate new ones to the market.   To help you in your journey we will give you an outline on our lines to help make the best choice possible. 


To those who have been fans of the Shogun, this line is now the heavy, and medium versions of the Bushi line.

N The Bushi line is the best all around line on the market, and will do just about everything you want. For smaller flies and slower action rods the light is the best option. For bigger flies and faster rods move to the medium and heavy weight lines. The light is made with a core of premium mono core, and the highest quality polyester thread by Gutterman. The medium and heavy use a premium fluorocarbon core for added density and power. This line is now made in a weight forward taper, which allows you the lightest line possible. It also helps aid in loading the line for the best possible cast.

We now have the Katana named after a Samuari sword. This line is a specialized designed line to excel at casting dries and other unweighted wet flies. This is by far the lightest line on the market, and gives the absolute best presentation of dries you will find. It is constructed of a premium fluorocarbon core, and Gutterman thread body, with a weight forward taper. This line is different from others on the market as it is constructed with with a third leg. This gives it a more seamless taper, Better transfer of energy, and rounder cross sections whoch help out cut through wind better. For slower action rods go with the light. Faster action rods do best with the medium. The medium will also cut through the wind a little better.


The Oudachi line is our line designed specifically for throwing steamers, yes I said steamers, nymphs or other weighted flies, and wet flies. It is constructed in three different parts to do this with a wrought forward taper giving it more power to turn over your flies. The but section is constructed of a light charcoal grey polyester thread and fluorocarbon core. Middle section is a hi vis color thread with fluorocarbon core. This gives you a softer section on your line for greater control and strike detection. The tip section is pure fluorocarbon to give final punch in tossing weighted flies, and hey the fly down into the feeding zone faster. This line really shines in keeping a tight connection in the line from rod to fly, with better control, abd strike detection. It comes in one size, but cays well on mammy different rods actions.

One of our newsy additions is the Popper line. This line was mace with the warm water angler in mind, but not forgetting the trout fisherman either. The line is constructed similar to the Katana, but made with much more power. This line will toss your poppers with ease. For those wanting to throw joppers with a dropper fly, this line is just up your alley, with plenty of power to accommodate. This line is also the absolute best wound cutting line you will find. Because of its constriction it slices through wind like butter.

The Tensan Silk lime is a pure joy to cast. It is silly smooth and elegant. This line is constricted of premium grade silk. It is mace using the additional leg giving you a line much like a silk fly line made for bamboo. This line casts beautifully with a very soft delicate presentation. The line is a poor joy to cast on slower action rods.

We are replacing the Silver Creek and DePuy lines with a hybrid line called Spring Creek. This line will give you a floating line like the Silver Creek, with more power like the DePuy. This line is constructed with nylon thread and but section core of premium mono for power. It is also made worth a wrought forward taper.


To those of you that have never tried Tenkara know this that you are missing out on one of the most enjoyable experiences.  It is simple in its form allowing a person to learn the joys of fly fishing quickly.  Our mission is to share our passion and love for fly fishing, and through personal experience we have found this to be a very effective tool in achieving this goal.  It is rare that when a person sits and truly listens to what Tenkara truly is about that it doesn’t capture their imagination.  Its history is rich even though we have much to learn of it, but most important yet the whole story of Tenkara has yet to be written.  We as anglers are ever writing the future, and it is one we gladly share with you.  This past summer I had the great pleasure of sharing my passion with one of my best childhood friends durring a visit and was able to help him catch his first fish using a Tenkara rod. 


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