Ultimate 3 Furled Leader Combo – Dry Fly, Nymph, & Streamer Fly Fishing Leaders

This combo comes with 3 Premium USA-Made Furled Leaders for all your different fly fishing needs. 

It also comes with three foam leader holders. You won’t find a better leader combo than this. If you have never used furled leaders then you are in for a pleasant surprise as they have many advantages and ours are the best on the market.

NIRVANA On The Fly theDRIFTER Floating Furled Leader
This furled leader is quite possibly the PERFECT DRY FLY LEADER. This furled leader floats like a cork right out of the package and will continue to float WITHOUT treatment every fly fishing trip. Has Almost ZERO MEMORY to work out to you don’t get the coil-effect common to mono fly leaders which allows you to get a better casting layout and softer presentation of your dry flies. The slight limpness of this furled leader allows it to bend with your drift for a better drift presentation. theDRIFTER furled leader is MADE-IN-THE-USA with super strong high-quality materials for performance and durability. The leader is designed by Brandon Moon (known expert leader engineer). Leader Length: 0-3wt is 5ft long and 4-10wt leaders are 7ft long. Attach the leader to your fly line via loop to loop connection, makes for easy change of leaders without shortening your fly line. Connect tippet to the leader’s tippet ring.

Moonlit BIG HOG Sink-Tip Furled Leader
The Big Hog furled fly leader has a perfect blend of Premium Fluorocarbon and Polyester thread to give you the perfect nymph/small streamer leader. This fly fishing leader is ideal for throwing streamers and nymphs alike. This fly leader has a short fluorocarbon sink tip perfect for sub-surface fly fishing. This furled leader has a high performance tapered designed with years of experience & feedback that gives you great turnover, great presentation, and little to no memory to straighten out. This fly leader is USA MADE with high quality materials. The Big Hog furled leader comes with your choice of a tip end: micro swivel (recommended), tippet ring, or a shorb loop. The tip ring and micro swivel make the change and transition of different size tippet smooth and effortless. The micro swivel also helps reduce the twisting from big heavy flies.

Moonlit HOGzilla Fluorocarbon Sinking Furled Leader
The HOGzilla is a short powerful fly leader made of premium grade fluorocarbon. It’s 3 1/2 ft long giving it superior turn over of your heaviest fly. Because of the density of fluorocarbon it sinks extremely well. This makes it a great choice for your sinking lines. Great choose for streamers, nymphs, paring up with a sinking line.

THREE Foam Leader Wheels
These EVA foam line wheels are great for storing your leader or pre-rigging it ready to go so all you have to do is unwind the leader and connect it to your fly line. Because the wheel is made of EVA foam you can hook your fly anywhere on the wheel to hold it snug in place. You can also cut slits in the side walls to hook your line through to hold securely. Since they are inexpensive, I like to also write on the side of the foam wheel with a fine-point sharpie marker what the leader is so I can keep all my leaders straight. The wheels are 2 inches wide and 11/16 inches thick making them perfect for all your leader types. The groove is deep enough to even fit the longest thickest leaders with ease.

Use the Best-Of-The-Best when it comes to your fly fishing leaders and presenting your fly!