Tensan Silk Tenkara Line

Tensan-orangeOur Tensan Silk Lines are amazingly supple and light in hand. These lines perform beautiful with your soft rods. If you’ve struggled to find a good match to your softer rods, this is the line for you. They are constructed with three strands instead of two. This has several advantages like a smoother taper, better transfer of energy, doesn’t coil, and softer presentation. These lines come in a mint green or black color with the option for a hi-vis orange tip. Silk use to be used to make fly line and is a great way to compliment any rod.

2 thoughts on “Tensan Silk Tenkara Line

  1. Adam

    Wow, this line is the smoothest Tenkara line I have ever cast period. I’ve tried custom nymphing lines, level lines, even some made for saltwater western fly rigs but this line is the smoothest without a doubt. And you can’t beat the price at all. I used a very soft rod when casting and even with two nymphs tied on my rig it was still super smooth. One of the few Tenkara products worth double it’s price tag!

  2. Kebari Tsuri

    WOW! I was not sure what to expect when I ordered the Silk line. First it’s much thinner and lighter than I expected. Second it casts like a dream. If you want to get that ” tight loops line rolling out ” feeling you get with a western rod then you need this line. The red indicator tip section is super bright. It won’t tangle. It has zero memory. I think I am in love. I am using the 12.5 ft line on a 270 cm rod and it casts it effortlessly. I don’t know if I will ever even take the line off my rod. I am a level line guy but the Silk Tenkara line has changed my opinion on furled lines completely. I am sure that all the furled lines offered thru Moonlit are just as awesome but for me I have the feeling that silk line was just made for Tenkara


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