Tensan Silk Leader

silkSilk is a material of historical value in fly fishing. Many lines used to be made of silk, and many say that there is nothing like throwing a silk line on their bamboo rod. Why not add this to your leader line ups as well. This leader is constructed of high quality silk with three strands vs two strands. This gives you several advantages like a smoother taper, better presentation, rounder cross section allowing better turnover in wind, and no spring coil. This high end leader will make you never want to put it down again. With silk being a natural material it does require a little more care and maintenance. You will need to treat it with a non silicone based floatant, of which we are getting our recommended product in shortly, and make sure to dry it out after every use so that it doesn’t rot. The leaders are standard 6ft in length, but can do any custom length if you wish. Simply go to contact page and let me know what you want.

Black with a choice of a hi-vis Orange tip.

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