Silver Creek Tenkara Line (Spring Creek Series)

Neon Orange

Neon Green

The Silver Creek Tenkara line is the ultimate line around, and is extremely unique in that without adding floatant it remains in the surface film without sinking your fly.  It also doesn’t absorb water.  When stealth is a must the lightest tippet is used, and this leader will give the best protection of the light tippet. As with all our lines you will have the option to have a shorb loop, tip ring, or micro swivel. I do recommend the shorb loop for added stealth. The ring and or micro swivel have been used with great success though as well. There will be a few options on this for you to check.

1 thought on “Silver Creek Tenkara Line (Spring Creek Series)

  1. JD Mora

    This is a fantastic line that I use for nymphing here on the Arkansas river. I got a 9 foot camo line in Medium/Heavy weight with the orange tip ending in a Shorb Loop. Combined with some Frog Hair 5x tippet and a #18 Utah Killer Bug, its been absolutely deadly this Spring! It casts wonderfully in the wind and since it floats, the orange tip is a great indicator for strikes. I highly recommend this line!


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