Silver Creek Leader (Spring Creek Series)

The Silver Creek Leader is the ultimate dry fly leader around.  It comes in two different styles being two toned, candy striped, and a true camo.  You also have an option of adding a hi vis indicator tip.  This leader is unique to other leaders on the market in that you don’t have to treat it with floatant to fish a dry fly.  This leader will float in the surface film and not drowned a small dry fly.  When stealth is a must the lightest tippet is used, and this leader will give the best protection of the light tippet.  As with all our eaders you will have the option to have a shorb loop, tip ring, or micro swivel.  I do recommend the shorb loop for added stealth.  The ring and or micro swivel have been used with geat success though as well.  There will be  a few options on this for you to check.  The first is the style being two toned, or camo.  Check whetheryou would like a bright colored tip indicator, and tip connection.  You will also have options to choose the color of your leader, and indicator if desired.



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