Shogun Tenkara Line

We have recently DISCONTINUED the Shogun line because the NEW Bushi Medium Weight line does everything better than the old Shogun line, click here for Bushi line


Shogun with fiery orange indicator

Our Shogun Tenkara Line is a beautiful traditional furled line.  It is made with a core of Premium Fluorocarbon to help make it a slight bit stiffer without making the line to bulky for your rod.  This allows the line to remain completely supple and have optimal casting ability.  This line makes for a great nymphing line as well for your Tenkara pleasure as fluorocarbon is a heavier material.  If that is your preference simply leave untreated and it will work perfectly as a nymph line for you, or apply your favorite float paste and it will float without any problem.  This is the heavier of our lines, but still a much lighter line than others on the market.  This helps to keep more of your line off the water if you so choose.  These lines come with your choice of color up to two.  The two colors go approximately 3/4 of the way down the line with the first color being a solid tip color.  You have the option of using a Shorb Loop, for loop to loop connection with your tippet, Tip Ring, or Micro Swivel for a simple clinch knot connection.  The Tip Ring is small and light so it wont sink your fly, while the Micro Ring will help reduce some twisting of your heavier weighted flies.


Shogun furled tenkara line with  Chartreuse indicator

shogun furled tenkara line

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