Semperfli Nano Silk Thread (Strongest Fly Tying Thread)

Possibly the worlds strongest fly tying silk for its diameter. Nano Silk GSP thread has incredible strength for its size and is almost unbreakable. This thread allows tying techniques not before possible and have very little thread build-up on small flies with the 18/0 and 12/0 sizes.

(see color photos at bottom of page)

We have tested this thread by tying the 18/0 to several different hooks on the vise and pulling hard until the hook breaks AND THE THREAD WILL NOT BREAK in this test.

  • We suggest using ceramic bobbins with this thread and a razor blade to cut it.

Sizes available:
3/0 (200 dernier) , 6/0 (100 dernier) , 12/0 (50 dernier), and 18/0 (30 dernier).
12/0 seems to be the most popular

50 meter spools.

The white thread takes marker colors easily.

Colors Reference below: