Ronin Tenkara Line


Our Ronin Tenkara Lines are the softest and lightest lines on the market.  They will allow you to present your fly with the greatest stealth and so light it is easy to hold off the water.  It is still strong enough to withstand the pressures of repeated abuse of fishing.  These lines come in any color combination of your choosing up to two colors.  If using two colors they both run approximately 3/4 of the line with the last 1/4 being the first color chosen.  It also comes with your choice of tip end connection from the Shorb Loop using a loop to loop connection to the tippet, Tip Ring, or Micro Swivel for ease of connection using your favorite clinch knot.  The Tip Ring is so small and light it won’t sink your fly, and Micro Swivel helps reduce twisting of bigger heavier flies.

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