Vicuna Dubbing

Vicuna Dubbing - Brents Soft Hackle Selection #1

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-- Brent Auger:  "I love natural dubbings for my soft hackle flies and when I tried Vicuna Dubbing's alpaca dubbing I immediately fell in love. It is so much better than hare's ear dubbings and any other dubbing I have used. It is the perfect level of buggy and there are many blends available that are very effective in my patterns. I decided that we were all in with this dubbing and that we needed to have our own selection of our favorite colors/blends that I personally use and love. This is the first of two selections we have put together."

Brents's Soft Hackle/Kebari Selection #1 Colors

  • UV Purple
  • Mulberry
  • Pebble
  • Natural Hare's Ear SUB
  • UV Carp Peacock
  • Scarlet Hare's Ear SUB
  • Cloud
  • TUPP's SUB

Vicuna Dubbing is an entirely natural product made from Alpaca wool which has been dyed and processed by hand to achieve a dubbing which adds the essential buggy effect to your fly patterns.


UV Purple

UV Carp Peacock


Scarlet HES


Mulberry (my favorite)

Hare's Ear SUB