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Leland Sonoma Starter Trout Fly Fishing Rod 8' #5 4pc (Rod Only)

by Leland
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Want to get started right in fly fishing? Here is the perfect rod to get you going!

Leland Sonoma Starter Trout Fly Fishing Rod:

  • Efficient and balanced 8'  5wt, 4-piece fly rod
  • Rip-stop nylon rod and reel carrying case
At its root, fly fishing is quite easy. The goal is to use a weighted line to present a near-weightless lure (called a fly) to a fish. Why then does fly fishing seem so confusing and intimidating? It might be all the fly shops offering all the brands, series and models of performance fly equipment. It might be all the fly patterns and fancy lingo tossed about in a fly shop. It might be that the “industry” of fly fishing simply forgot how fun and easy fly fishing should be...

Regardless of the reasons, we at Leland, believe that fly fishing is an outdoor activity for just about everyone and we do our best to make it simple and enjoyable. The defining attribute of our sport is the unique way we deliver our fly to the fish. It's called a fly cast and done correctly, it's easy, fun and beautiful. The goal in fly casting is to efficiently control your fly line and place your fly where you want it. Forget about performance: high line-speed, tight loops, double-hauling and distance. Instead, work toward an efficient, graceful and accurate cast. With this approach, you'll earn your fish...not just catch them.