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Semperfli Synthetic Peacock Herl

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Introducing Semperfli Synthetic Peacock Herl 2mm Extra Small – the perfect alternative to natural Peacock Herl, meticulously designed to replicate its stunning iridescence. Our fritz/chenille combines the accents of blue, green, copper, and gold, capturing the essence of natural Peacock Herl and adapting to changing lighting conditions.

In response to CITES restrictions, we've crafted a synthetic herl with black, blue, and green backgrounds, embedded with different colored tinsels. The tight core reflects the peacock's natural iridescence and color-changing effects, providing a seamless substitute without the concern of breakage mid-fly.

Key Features:

  • Strength and Durability: Far stronger than natural peacock herl, ensuring your fly lasts longer, especially in exposed areas like a Klinkhammer thorax.
  • Versatile Length: Not limited by the herl's length, allowing for creative customization in your fly tying projects.
  • Color Variety: Available in Black Peacock, Blue Peacock, and Green Peacock in both 2mm and 4mm options. Mix and match for enhanced effects.

Our Synthetic Peacock Herl has undergone rigorous testing by our pro team, with renowned fly tyer Hans van Klinken endorsing its use in his upcoming book for Klinkhamer patterns. Its versatility and durability make it an excellent choice for flies size 12 and larger.

Why Choose Synthetic over Natural?

The big question arises – why bother with synthetic Peacock Herl? Exploring the CITES and import/export risks associated with genuine peacock herl, we emphasize the need for caution. Customs may pose serious challenges without concrete proof of origin, risking the confiscation of your gear. Our synthetic alternative offers peace of mind, ensuring your fly tying experience remains enjoyable and hassle-free.

Make the smart choice for your fly tying endeavors – choose Semperfli Synthetic Peacock Herl for unrivaled strength, versatility, and peace of mind. Shop now and elevate your fly tying game without compromising on quality or authenticity.