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Semperfli Double Decker Foam

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Introducing Semperfli's Double Decker Foam: Elevate Your Fly Tying Experience! 

Are you ready to take your fly tying to new heights? Look no further than Semperfli's premium Double Decker Foam! Our high-density, closed-cell foam has been a trusted favorite among fly tying enthusiasts for years, and we've upped the ante with our latest innovation.

Why Semperfli Foam?

Quality is their signature, and their Double Decker Foam is no exception. Crafted from top-tier plastazote foam with nitrogen bubbles, these sheets are designed to float high and make tying a breeze. Say goodbye to the struggles of using inferior foam – our Double Decker Foam is your ticket to effortless and effective fly patterns.

 Double the Fun with Double Decker Foams!

Meet the Double Decker Foam – the dynamic duo for crafting Chernobyl Ants, Hoppers, Daddies, Gurglers, Fry, detached bodies, and more. Don't be fooled by imitations; our foam is not your average closed-cell craft foam. It's high-floating, ensuring your flies stay on the water surface where the action is!

Versatility at Your Fingertips

Available in 5mm small and 7mm medium sizes, Semperflis Double Decker Foams comes in a stunning array of colors. Whether you're a seasoned fly tyer or just starting, these foams provide the perfect canvas to bring your fly patterns to life. Elevate your creativity with the exceptional range of colors and sizes we offer.

Your Next Fly Tying Adventure Starts Here

Embrace the superior quality, unmatched buoyancy, and endless possibilities that Semperfli's Double Decker Foam brings to your fly tying arsenal. It's time to make a statement on the water and catch the eye of every discerning fish. Order now and experience the joy of tying with the best – because your flies deserve nothing less!

Don't Settle for Ordinary – Choose Semperfli's Double Decker Foam Today!