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NIRVANA PhoenixGLASS Fiberglass Fly Rod w/case

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Original price $349.99
Original price $349.99 - Original price $369.99
Original price $349.99
Current price $299.99
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Current price $299.99

Sizes Restocked and NEW Sizes Now Available Pre Order Sale shipped by August 16, 2024

The NEW Rod Sizes, and Restocked Rods now come with Upgraded Cork without raising the price.  This is done by changing the rod tube to a high quality Cordura Tube.  Experience Glass like never before.  Some photos aren't available until Shipment Lands.


This is a product we are so excited about.  The PhoenixGLASS is the highest performing fiberglass fly rod on the market, and a steal in this price point.  Made in Korea it is made with the highest quality S-Glass, craftsmanship, components, and technology.  We wanted to bring this type of quality to the market that far exceeds the rods cost in performance, and beat all other glass rods on the market.  This rod series does just that, and more.  Enjoy the highest quality glass and technology.  

In mythology the Phoenix represents the symbol of rebirth, and fire and passion.  With that in mind in Buddhism and Hinduism believe in being reincarnated. In mythology it is a creature that is reborn from its own ashes and goes through a fiery transition at the state of Nirvana. The Nirvana PhoenixGLASS is the rebirth or reincarnation of Glass.  Although glass has seen a resurgence in the last several years, we believe the PhoenixGLASS  will take this emergence to a whole new level.  The PhoenixGLASS  is also the rebirth or the original Superglass model we came out with.  We have worked with our new Korean manufacturer to create a better more responsive rod to an already fantastic rod.  We believe you are going to fall in love with glass and fishing all over again with the emergence of this rod. 

Quality, Comfort, and Appeal
The PhoenixGLASS is made in Korea and comes with High End Hardware, and the most comfortable grip you will find.  This manufacture is one of the leading edge innovators within the industry, and brought this to the PhoenixGLASS series of rods.

Several Sizes to Choose From
The PhoenixGLASS rods are available in sizes 2wt, 3wt, 4wt, 5wt, 6wt, 7wt, and 8wt giving you many options to fit your wants and needs.

  • NEW Size 10wt- 8ft 3in w/Fighting Butt - 4.7oz
  • NEW Size 9wt- 8ft 3in w/Fighting Butt - 4.7oz
  • 8wt – 8ft 6in w/Fighting Butt - 5.2oz
  • 7wt – 8ft 6in w/Fighting Butt - 5.0oz
  • Upgraded 6wt- 8ft 3in w/Fighting Butt - 4.7oz
  • NEW Size 6wt- 8ft 3in Wood Insert w/Mini Fighting Butt - 4.7oz
  • 5wt – 8ft - 3.5oz
  • Upgraded 4wt – 7ft 6in - 3.2oz
  • NEW Size 4wt – 7ft 6in 5pc- 3.2oz
  • Upgraded 3wt – 7ft - 2.8oz
  • 2wt – 6ft 9in - 2.8oz

New School Glass

The PhoenixGLASS is constructed with a modern feel and taper.  This taper creates a smooth loading rod, with superb transfer of energy, along with a faster feel, and lighter rod.  This is done because the tip is slightly stiffer, and the rod loads faster deeper into the rod.   This allows the rod to feel faster as it will load quicker, but also becomes more responsive, and smoother to cast with its transfer of energy.  If modern glass is what you are looking for than the PhoenixGLASS is just the ticket.  Get the modern feel of Glass without sacrificing the true feel of Glass. 

Fast Recovering Tip
We focus on creating rods with good quick tip recovery.  We have found that a smooth and quick recovery creates less fatigue when casting and fishing.  This is important as Glass rods are typically heavier than Graphite rods.  The bonus with Glass, and the PhoenixGLASS especially is that the rod carries most of the work in loading and shooting line.

Progressive Taper with Reserved Power
The faster tip allows the rod to load deep very fast, and have lots of power in the bottom portions of the rod to shoot line. This allows you to cast further with less work, and give you better accuracy as well.

Excellent Roll Casts
Since this rod loads quickly and easily in the middle of the rod they are perfect for roll casting.  When roll casting you are working the rod to load without the added weight of the line, and this rod performs this with ease.

Great Hook Sets
Pair the reserved power in the bottom portions of the rod with the faster tip and quick recovering tip you have a glass rod that sets the hook with ease.  No longer do you have to sacrifice good hooksets and not loose the feel of glass.  

Compact 4-5 Piece Rods
The Nirvana PhoenixGLASS rods are all 4-5 piece rods.  This makes them easily portable, packable, and convenient without losing performance. 

Risk-Free Return Policy
To give you peace of mind we offer a 14 day return policy. With this policy you can return your rod within 14 days as long as it is new like condition, meaning plastic still on the cork, and no blemishes to the rod.  This allows you to put the rod in your hands and know you are getting exactly what you want.  We do this because we believe in the rods, and how much you will love them.  This policy will give you a peace of mind knowing you aren't stuck with something you don't like or want.  Customer is responsible for return shipping.

Image showing the Rod Handle of the NIRVANA PhoenixGLASS Fly Rod

    Lifetime Warranty
    One thing we do differently in the glass world is offer an easy lifetime warranty. Instead of making you ship your rod into us for repairs, for a $75 warranty fee we send the replacement parts right to you so you are back to fishing faster.

    Backed by a Great Brand, MOONLIT Fly Fishing and Nirvana On The Fly
    You have probably seen our brand around social media quite a bit, we have a large following of customers that love to use our products. We are well know for the BEST performing furled leaders on the market and excellent customer service, as well as a great offering of quality barbless hooks loved by many pro fly tyers. We will stand behind this new series of fiberglass fly rods just like we do all of our products and we think you will love this rod series.

    Heavily Tested & Approved by Many Fly Anglers

    We have worked with our ambassadors to test the PhoenixGLASS in all kinds of conditions, and species of fish.  They have been to Mexico, Puerto Rico, Texas Coast, Arizona, Idaho, and other locations to make sure they will perform.  They have been tested to make sure they will be able to hold up to the tests you will surely put them through.  It has quickly become peoples favorite rods and favorite glass rods time and time again. 

    We have also taken them to many fly fishing expos and let potential customers and fly fishing experts test them out and received excellent feedback about how they cast and look. They received praise for how smooth, and effortless they were to handle and cast, along with the craftsmanship and quality of work.

    Closeup image of a guide on the NIRVANA PhoenixGLASS

    A Few Rod Reviews

    Odom Wu

    Odom wrote a very extensive detailed review for you to read.  It was so good that it warranted its own blog post for people to read through the whole thing.  To read the full review click here to view it.  In the following I am going to grab a few snippets about the rod, so I can keep this short and quick to browse through.  We do encourage everyone to read his full review and see why it instantly became his favorite rod.


    Odom loves to fish Glass rods and owns a wide variety of them.  He loves their smooth buttery casts and the connection you have from your rod to the fish.  The Nirvana PhoenixGLASS tip section provides excellent hook sets, and protection of tippet.  The PhoenixGLASS absorbs the shock well.  The Butt Section has plenty of power to handle large fish with ease, and the bend you would expect from a glass rod.  The aggressive contour handle gives ease and comfort when wanting to be more aggressive in casting or fighting fish, this is a unique feature to the PhoenixGLASS in the glass world.  The quality finish and function of this rod is something far beyond its price point. Odom Wu Carp Phoenix Glass 6wt

    Markus Schlegel "Not what you’d expect from a glass rod. Much better. Not heavy, not flimsy, not fragile. I fished 2wt to 4wt rods. For someone that hasn’t fished glass before, I really enjoyed them very much. They were accurate and very capable while fishing in tight, windy conditions on smaller creeks. I’m sure they work just as well on bigger bodies of water. These rods definitely changed my thinking on how glass rods should feel and fish."

    Image of NIRVANA PhoenixGLASS in use at a Creek

    Jenny Mitchell "I had the opportunity to use the new PhoenixGLASS 2wt on some small creeks in the mountains earlier this spring. Paired with Moonlit's Furled Leaders (which I have on all my reels) it's perfect for small stream fishing with flawless dry fly presentation into some tight spots. Makes the 7" trout you just landed feel like a monster!"

    Image of a PhoenixGLASS Rod next to a creek in a small valley.


    About the NIRVANA ON THE FLY brand name

    NIRVANA ON THE FLY brand was created to truly help people find a sense of peace, escape from everyday life, and hopefully a deeper connection with themselves, life, and the universe surrounding them.  In Buddhism and Hinduism Nirvana is a place one finds perfect peace and happiness.  It is a state of perfect being, in all its forms.  When someone achieves a state of Nirvana they have achieved the highest state that they can attain, a state of enlightenment, and all suffering goes away.  You are truly in a state of pure joy and happiness.  Hence the name Nirvana On The Fly is just that pure joy and happiness.  Lots of time, energy, and work go into each product, as well as finding the best manufactures, and quality products to help every angler have a greater sense of peace, joy, happiness, and pure pleasure while using Nirvana On The Fly gear.  We believe that when you find this state you can find greater peace in your life, better balance, and connection with oneself, and those around them. We hope to help create the state of Nirvana in people’s lives.

    Close Up photo of the end of the PhoenixGLASS Rod Case with the Rod set behind the case.
    Close up picture of the butt end of the NIRVANA PhoenixGLASS rod.
    Close Up Picture of the butt end of a NIRVANA PhoenixGLASS rod and other sections
    Picture of the full line up of NIRVAN PhoenixGLASS rods.

    Customer Reviews

    Based on 13 reviews
    Dagur Guðmundsson
    My Favorite Rod

    Absolute blast to fish this thing, I have the 6wt, and use it for carp in California, and streamer fishing for brown trout and salmon in Iceland. I cannot believe the versatility of this rod, I'm able to fish delicate dry flies to carp at distance, accurately, with this beautiful rod. I am also able to toss 8 inch steamers into 50-60mph winds in Iceland for cannibalistic browns. I've landed carp and salmon over 20lbs on it, and it fights fish well, it protects tippets, but also has power through the whole blank, and I'm able to turn huge fish with this 6wt, that I'm pretty sure I would not be able to put that much pressure on with a graphite rod of the same size.
    Plus, it's a gorgeous rod, the translucent blue blank is absolutely beautiful, and makes me smile every time I fish it.
    This is a rod that will make you smile, get it.


    Really sweet casting glass, light and crisp in hand with all the feel you love in glass, I can't wait to get a good Redfish on it!

    Besnik Nick Haxhijaj
    Multi Species Go to Glass Rod

    Redfish, Black Drum, Permit or Bonefish, this rod does it all. The action and fighting power get the job done. Don’t believe me? Het to Instagram @nickflyfishing and check it out! The Phoenix glass is my Go to Glass!!

    Timothy Bragg
    Living on the fly at Joppa Flats

    Bought my 8 wt Nirvana at the fly show in Marlobrough, Mass this past winter. This rod caught my eye and I was excited to have my first glass rod. I went out to Joppa Flats near Plum Island in Mass with my buddy on his boat. We were in a great drift with the tide and a large school of aggressive feeding striped bass came right through us on the boat. I was using my simple sand eel pattern that I love to tie and is quite effective. I dropped this fly right on the boil that this gorgeous bass was making. Soon as he took the fly I was in full bend. The rod took such a great battle. The softness of the bend to handle the force of the fish but the rod has such an incredible back bone to it. The response of the rod kept me in close contact with the fish. I recommend this 8 wt rod for striped bass. I am already looking forward to increasing my collection of glass rods. Thank you, Brandon for taking the time with me at the fly show.

    Greg Williams
    Nirvana Phoenixglass 2 wt

    I have fished all my life but waited till later in life to pick up fly fishing. At 48 years young, I bought my first fly rod last year. Shortly after, I picked up the 2wt Nirvana Phoenixglass rod. This rod has been so much fun. I love the action compared to the graphite rod I purchased first. The Phoenixglass rod has made native brookie chasing on tiny blue line streams here in PA so enjoyable. I cannot say enough about how the rod casts and how it makes these native trout feel much bigger than they are. Truthfully, it feels like this rod has made the learning curve of fly fishing much faster than the graphite rod I was using. As soon as I picked up the rod and started casting it, it just felt so right. I will be picking up another Phoenixglass rod soon for bigger water to replace my graphite rod. I know I’m a newb when it comes to fly fishing but I know what quality looks and feels like and this rod hits all the marks for me!