NIRVANA Performance WF Taper Floating Fly Line

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Made for Medium-Fast action fiberglass rods to Fast Action Graphite Rods. 

Performance WF Taper Floating Line

We tried a lot of lines to find what we liked best on Medium-Fast & Fast action glass fly rods and this is our favorite. It loads and casts with ease and still has great presentation. If you are looking for a great line to pair up with the Moonlit Lunar S-Glass fly rods or the NIRVANA SuperGLASS fly rods (or any faster glass fly rod), this is the line we would recommend.

The line is dual colored with moss green head and bright yellow running line in the back for your visual convenience when casting.

Excellent in tight casting space or casting in the wind. It is a great balance between casting performance and great line presentation.

Amazing line for roll casting.

Designed to load rod and require less false casting making it great in those close quarters.

Comes with a loop on the leader side of the line.

Comes on a spool for easier transfer to your reel.

For freshwater fishing.