Premium Series Feather Weight Leader

You Won’t Find a Better Dry Fly Leader


This is the most premium dry fly leader on the market for throwing the tiniest of dries to your larger terrestrial patterns. It has the softest presentation for your fly on the water due to the lack of memory.

This leader is constructed with an additional leg which give it added power and control.  This design also makes it more circular in its cross sections which give it better wind cutting abilities. They are constructed of the finest Gutermann Polyester thread from butt to tip end.

To fish dries and float simply add your favorite float paste, or untreat to fish subsurface. This leader has a few options and colors for you to choose from, and you also have the option to add a third color to be used in the tip end of the leader to be used as a sighter and strike indicator making it easier to find your small dry flies and subtle takes from the fish. The tip end comes in either the shorb loop where you tie a loop knot and attach tippet to leader via a loop to loop connection like you used from leader to fly line. We also have tip rings, and or micro swivels which allow for quick and easy transition of tippet. The tip rings very small and light as to not pull your dry fly under the water, and the micro swivel helps reduce twisting on larger weighted flies.