Premium Series Big Hog Leader

You Won’t Find a Better Nymphing Leader


This is the most premium nymphing leader on the market for throwing any of your nymphs to small streamer patterns. It has plenty of power to throw 2-fly setups and has a fluorocarbon sink tip.

This leader is constructed with an additional leg which give it added power and control.  This design also makes it more circular in its cross sections which give it better wind cutting abilities. They are constructed of the finest Gutermann Polyester thread from butt to tip end. The Big Hog has a perfect blend of Premium Fluorocarbon and Polyester thread to give you the perfect leader.

It comes with a tip end of a shorb loop, tippet ring, or a micro swivel. The tip ring and micro swivel make the change and transition of different size tippet smooth and effortless. The micro swivel also helps reduce the twisting from big heavy flies.