Planning This Years Trips

If you are like most fisherman you have an unquenchable thirst for spring and the beginning of the fishing season.    Even with an occasional opportunity to fish durring the winter season it for one reason or another isn’t the same.  With spring coming upon us it is that time that to plan your summer get aways.  This requires some special planning to accomodate the whole family.  I feel fortunate to live in an area so plentiful with a vast aray of choices to get out and fish some of the most beautifu trout water around. 

As a recomendation I would suggest a beautiful lodge located near Henrys Lake in Island Park, Idaho.  This beautifl place borders Yellowstone National Park and is host to an array of some of the greatest Fly Fishing waters the area has to offer. There are rivers, streams, and lakes great for Fly Fishing and Tenkara both. If this is something that intrests you than check with The Drift Lodge.

If you are looking to go somewhere on the East side of the country may I recomend speaking with Randy Ratliff of Trout-Fishers Guide Service,,  in East Tennesee.  He can help ensure that you have a successful trip full of fun catching fish.  Randy can help you both forms of Fly Fishing and Tenkara alike. 

If you are going to be in Utah and would like to do some Tenkara the Tenkara Guides, is where it he is at.  These guys will get you into fish fishing ancient Japanese Tenkara.  They are extremely knowledgeable and passionate about Tenkara and it shows.  I highly recomend them.

Before your trip make sure and get geared up with some of our Leaders/Tenkara Lines.  You can get these from our website or Portneuf River Outfitters, and A & S Outfitters .  We look forward to helping you!

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