Permanent Dry Fly Floatant Spray

Revolutionary, Next Generation Fly Floatant

NON-Toxic, PERMANENT, Odorless & Environmentally Green
Single application lasts for the life of the fly, and it is so easy to treat all your flies at once.

NON-Toxic, PERMANENT, Odorless and SAFE

Snake River Basin Co Dry Fly Floatant Spray 4oz Bottle

This ultra premium liquid floatant is the world’s most outstanding floatant. “Dry Fly Floatant” lasts virtually forever, patented formula is applied with a 4oz. spray bottle with handy locking trigger that is leak free.

Totally environmentally-safe green product leaves no odor.

This premium dry fly floatant is temperature stable and will not leave oil slick on water.

Will not change the color or integrity of your fly.

Fly will never get wet.

Easy spray treatment, never have to grease or powder your fly again.


To use Dry Fly Floatant: turn paddle located underneath the trigger of the spray bottle 90 degrees to either side.

Wet fly thoroughly with Dry Fly Floatant solution, let air dry completely. No need to re apply, one treatment will last the life of the fly.

You can spray your entire fly box all at once ( will not hurt your fly box) or dip your flies in the solution.

If your fly later submerges while fishing, simply false cast 2 or 3 casts and fly will be as good as new.

Note: Dry Fly Floatant is a pre-treat, flies must dry thoroughly before use.