Oudachi Furled Line (Tenkara Nymphing Line)


Grey w/ Orange Indicator

Grey w/ Orange Indicator

The Oudachi is a nymphing line that helps you get your fly down deep where the fish are and it easily turns over most flies, even large flies (up to the size of streamers) at long line lengths. It does this with a furled fluorocarbon tip section. It then has a HI-Vis Section about the fluorocarbon section so you can see where your line is and as also a great visual for depth control and strike indication. The rest of the furled line up to the rod tip connection is a plain grey color.

This is a great line for rivers with deeper holes, larger rivers, lakes, ponds, and anywhere you want to get deep fast. It is also the best line for casting heavy flies that don’t cast well on other lines.



Here is what Doug Kinney says about this line:

“Just when I thought all furled lines are created equal and technology progression on such a simple thing couldn’t exist, I discovered Moonlit Furled lines. I’ve had the privilege to test out a number of Moonlit lines extensively in a variety of fishing conditions. The line that stands out the most, and my new regular go-to line, is the Oudachi. Moonlit hit it out of the park on this one. This line is an absolute must have in your line quiver.

I would call this line an intermediate sink tip line for the tenkara world. One that, to my knowledge, has never existed until now. Here is why you need one: If you fish still water, fast water, deep water, beadheads, micro streamers, and swing soft hackles you will love this line because it gets your fly into the “zone” faster. The line is comprised of 3 seamless sections tapered from butt to tip. Butt section, indicator section, and sink tip.

I normally fish longer lines (15-18′) in bigger water. The oudachi casts well on any of my rods and turns over great. I find no problems getting my beadhead or weighted fly to the bottom quickly in the zone while keeping the water line within the indicator section for high visibility to detect strikes as it’s ticking along the bottom. Tie on a soft hackle, let it swing and then give it the Leisenring lift on the dangle and it keeps the fly properly suspended on a controlled ascent to the surface. Get a short strike? Reset the dangle and get ready because it sinks quickly again.

The best part about this line is it can be custom ordered to any length to match the water you fish. The quality is top notch. This is hands down the best wet fly line you can fish.”

5 thoughts on “Oudachi Furled Line (Tenkara Nymphing Line)

  1. Adam

    The Oudachi nymphing line is the #1 line to have for depth fishing. Obviously nymphing, but also for stripping deep streamers! The fluorocarbon tip section that sink does a phenomenal job. It will sink your near weightless flies and if your fly sinks fast that it, it doesn’t hold the weighted fly back from getting into the strike zone. As I have been using it, my strike # has increased! It casts really well too. It’s a great line paired with a med to stiff 6:4 rod or with a 7:3 rod. It lays out your tippet and fly section great, even with 2 nymphs and larger flies and streamers. Get ready to catch fish!

  2. moon

    I woulf recommend rwo different lengths for this. First thr 12.5’for the shorter distance when added distance isn’t a problem. 18′ is my go to length when I need extra distance duch as fishing a pond or larger river.

  3. Sam

    The Oudachi is the best furled line I have fished with! I paired it with my 7:3 400cm Nissin Royal Stage and it has enabled me to catch so many more fish. I would recommend it to anyone looking for a great Tenkara line with amazing turnover and the ability to get unweighted flies down deep quick. Fishing with a friend, I was able to surprise him by pulling in fish after fish in fast moving water in pockets behind boulders that he (fishing with a Western setup) simply could not keep his fly in, or even seem to think that fish would hold in such fast water! This line has truly changed my outlook on where I can put my fly and more often than not, get a strike or two! Thanks Moonlit!

    -Sam, Northwestern Washington State

  4. marc

    Hi there, are there different color options available for the Oudachi line? I was hoping to buy one of these lines but with the chartreuse indicator .


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