Nodachi Tenkara Line


This line is made of fluorocarbon which gives it higher density enabling better turnover in the wind, and longer lines. The taper aids in the turnover with great presentation.

Recommend storing on a line holder.

2 thoughts on “Nodachi Tenkara Line

  1. mark hiles

    Hi Brad, Was wondering if you could/would make a line for me for my Diawa Hamon J Carp rod 47 penny 5.4m a 16ft line that would end at a weight 10# and throw wooly buggers/ streamers for Pike and large warmwater fish/trout. not sure if the line above would work or should be made a little heavier?

    1. Moonlit Fly Fishing Post author

      I can make you a line for this. I would recommend doing it with a supped up Oudachi line. If you order the Oudachi in the comments section let me know you need it supped up for this and I’ll get it taken care of.


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