New Spring Creek Series Leaders/Tenkara Lines

There are a few things that people would love to be able to do with their Leaders/Tenkara Lines which is to not have to treat them.  With leaders on the market now you have to treat them with floatant or they will sink.  With our new Spring Creek Series you don’t have to appy float paste.  They will allow you to fish the smallest of dries without sinking them, as the leader/line stays just in the surface film.  This is the first noticeable difference you will find in this series.  Another advantage you will find is how well they protect the lightest TIPPET!  When fishing Spring Creeks the fish can be very spooky and light tippet is required, well worry no more of breaking the tippet as our leader/line will help protect it. 


We will be having a very unique look to these leaders as well in a complete camo effect.  Many other leaders are called camo as they are nuetural two tone leaders, but we will offer a true camo effect in ours.  This can be made in natural colors, or bright vibrant colors as well.  We will be adding an option for a indicator on the tip ends of the camo section of the leader line/ or two tone color option like what we are already offering on our other products.all-camo


For those who like their leaders/lines to be hi vis then we have just the colors that are extremely visible, and easy to see.  In colors from pink, orange, and green.  These colors are great for a small tip strike indicator on your Leader, or for making a hi vis Tenkara Line. 


Camo-with-orange-indicatorNow on to the tip connections.  Like always you will have your prefrence here with any of our options.  Our recomendation for the spookiest of fish is to use the loop to loop connection.  It isn’t as convienent as using a tip ring or micro swivel, but is a bit more subtle in its presentation and drift.  Some don’t mind and just want the added convienence of the tippet application using a ring or swivel.  Me personally I use both depending on where I am fishing.  We have had this series tested for over a month now, and really love the results.  This is the Tenkara Line I have been using all summer and love how it has performed on the still water pond I have been fishing.  Don’t just take my word on it though I am including a write up from Kayden Estep who helpded me in developing this series, and test it out on the water as well.  He is an avid fly fisherman who does both Western and Tenakara. We appreciate his help in getting our new product line ready for market.  We are always looking for new and exciting ideas from our customers, so please feel free to contact us via email, or phone to share your ideas with us.  Continue to stay tuned for more things to come in the very near future.  We are excited for the great many things to come!neon-green-orange


Here is Kaydens write up he sent us:

Moonlit Fly Fishing’s Spring Creek Leader

I have never fished a finer leader for spring creeks then that of Moonlit Fly Fishing’s Spring Creek Leader. Brandon was awesome enough to let me test a 4 and 7 wt version. Both performed flawlessly. In the 4wt version the presentation is absolutely phenomenal and soft, great for spooky fish on the gin clear spring creeks.  Most of the flies I used with the 4wt leader were dry flies in sizes 14-22.  These  leaders give an excellent drift, and because of the construction it stays right in the surface film without using any line dressing. I fished tippets down to 6x with it and landed many fish in the 18-22 inch range the leader acts as an extra shock absorber when setting the hook and fighting the fish.  The 7 wt leader is great for throwing larger flies such as beetles, damsels and hoppers. As we all know some of the larger foam terrestrials are really tough to present well but this leader provides enough turnover power to make your presentation spot on every time.  I really like the loop to loop connection on the terminal end, tippet rings are great but the loop to loop connection really aids with the presentation. These leaders are a true camo color as well if you are looking to get super stealthy. They are made with multiple colors of thread in most common colors. If you are looking to hook some fish on a spring creek such as Silver Creek, these leaders will work better than anything else on the market.


Kayden Estep


New material should be here by next weekend, so new line should be added by the following Monday.  I will be adding a few pictures of these sometime this week.

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