Middle Weight Leader

middle weight1

This leader is constructed with the finest Gutermann Polyester thread, and tapered down to a Premium Mono tip.  The thread body gives is it the most supple body possible.  This leader gives you the premium dry fly leader for those warry fisherman who are concerned about spooking the fish with added colors at the tip end.  These leaders will present a dry fly on the water like a feather, and helps give a much better natural drift.  This results in a better fishing experience along with more fish.  They come with your choice of tip end connection from either a shorb loop which requires tying a loop knot to attach your tippet to the leader via a loop to loop connection like you use to attach the leader and fly line.  We also have tip rings or micro swivels which make for an effortless and quick transition of tippet by tying on with clinch knot of your choice.  The rings are small and light enough that it will not sink your fly.  The micro swivel helps reduce twisting of the bigger and heavier flies.  If you wish to fish dries simply apply your favorite float paste, or fish subsurface by leaving untreated.

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