Leader/Tenkara Line Care and Instructions

Taking care of your Furled Leader/Tenkara Line is simple and easy.  Because of how it is constructed it is possible for the line to become dirty.  This is simple to fix as you simply wash it in warm water and dish soap than let dry. 

In using your Leader/Line if you wish for it to float you will need to add a float paste.  It needs to be a paste and not oil based.  The reason for this is the paste fills in the gaps that are formed in the furling process, and allows it to float.  If it is left untreated it will sink.

The connections for your Leader is done by doing a loop to loop connection between Leader and Fly Line.  you then attach the tippet to the tip end of the Leader by doing either a clinch knot, or what ever knot you use to tie on your fly, to the tip ring or swivel.  If you chose the shorb loop at the tip end than you will tie a loop in the tip of your tippet and apply using a loop to loop. 

The Tenkara Line is attached to the Lillian by using a simple Girth Hitch.  Simply fold the loop back over the line so that it over laps and forms a loop.  Then put the Lillian in the loop and pull tight.  The tippet is attached with either a clinch knot, or what ever knot you use to tie on your fly, or a loop to loop if you chose a shorb loop.

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