Fly Fishing Furled Leaders

Premium Furled Leaders

Our furled leaders are MADE IN THE USA with high quality materials. As far as performance, they are top of the class performing furled leaders. We do a tighter furl than most companies which allows us to make our leaders cast & perform better.

NIRVANA Floating Furled Leaders

Best Ultimate Furled Leader ComboUltimate Furled Leader Combo $30.00

theDRIFTER dry fly floating furled leadertheDRIFTER Dry Fly Furled Leader $12.00

406 All-Purpose Floating Furled Leader406 ALL-Purpose Furled Leader $12.00

Moonlit Furled Leaders

Feather WeightFeather Weight Furled Leader $9.50

big hogBig Hog Furled Leader $9.50

HOGzilla Furled LeaderHOGzilla Furled Leader $9.50

Best Furled Leader Combo3 Furled Leader Combo $24.50

6 Pack Leader Holders6 Pack Leader Holders $5.75

Moonlit Platinum Series Leaders (Best of the Best Leaders)

Feather WeightPlatinum Feather Weight Leader $15.00

big hogPlatinum Big Hog Leader $15.00

HOGzilla Furled LeaderPlatinum HOGzilla Leader $15.00

Shaye H.: “I can not tell you how happy I am with these leaders been throwing streamers for the past two weeks with them and they have honestly improved my fishing experience I would recommend there leaders to everyone. Thank you guys.”

Jeremy A.: “Love the leaders from Moonlit Fly Fishing. They are well made and turn the big bugs as well as the tiny flies over well for a great presentation.”

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