Dog Days of Summer!

In celebration of the final days of the Dog Days of Summer we are running a coupon of 40% off any purchase of $20.00 or more, at check out simply enter in the coupon code Dog Days of Summer! This coupon is valid through August 25, 2013.   We have a great many product lines to satisfy any fly fishing angler.  Choose from the finest hand crafted Furled Leaders and or Tenkara Lines, or our beautifully hand crafted line wheels!  Any combination of products will give you this great discount to be ready just in time for your Labor Day fishing trip.Estep 1 

For those of you who may have never fished a Furled Leader, or Tenkara Line, before I have a post on here that will go through on how to choose the proper one for you.  I have since added a new line of leaders/lines so we are going to give you a brief over sight on them to help you choose.

Camo-with-orange-indicatorLet’s first start with our Spring Creek Series of Leaders/Lines.  The Silver Creek Leader and Line will allow you to fish your leader/line all day without adding any floatant to it at all.  This is unique in the world of furled leaders, as you have to treat them in order for them to float.  It also gives you a very subtle and light presentation on the water, with maximum protection of ultra light tippet needed to fish these pristine types of water.  Another characteristic of this leader is it’s option of either two tone or camo.  This is a unique option as it is a blend of colors rather than a two tone.  If your looking for a leader/line that’s light, powerful turnover, floats without any treatment, and great protection of your light tippet this is the one for you.

The Depuy Spring Creek Leaders/Lines is a slightly heavier line with all the same characteristics as the Silver Creek, except for its suped up ability to throw heavier fles.  This can be great if you are throwing Hoppers or Poppers.  This gem is a sure fire must for any spring creek angler!  So if you feel like you might need a littel suped up Silver Creek this is the one for you, or you want a slightly heavier Tenkara Line with the same attributes and characterisitics make sure and grab the Depuy Spring Creek Series leaders/lines.

feather weightThe Feather Weight is great for throwing dries as it a very light because it is made of strait thread.  Treated with your favorite float paste it stays afloat with ease and casts the most delicate flies with precision.  The Middle Weight Leader is a great option for anyone who likes the suppleness of the Feather Weight, but is wary of the thread tip.  This leader has a thread body with a mono tip.

big flyThe Big Fly is one of our more popular leaders.  It is constructed of a thread body with a mono tip to stiffen the leader up just a slight bit.  This enables it to cast better into the wind, and throw heavier flies.  Later on I will discuss the tip connection options so you can best choose for your prefrence.  The Big Hog is just like the Big Fly with one difference.  Instead of a mono core and tip it is constructed with a fluorocarbon core and tip.  This is a heavier leader to help aid in the sinking of you leader.  It also loves to catch those hogs lurking down deep!

ShogunThe Shogun Tenkara Line is a beautiful Line constructed of the finest thread and a core of fluorocarbon.  The core of fluorocarbon aids in the lines turnover because of the added stiffness.  This is also our heaviest Tenkara Line right now.  Next in line is the Bushi Tenkara Line.  This line is just a bit lighter as it’s made with a mono core.  There is a very slight difference in the casting of these two lines.  The lightest of our lines is the Ronin as it is made strictly of thread.  This is a very fine and delicate line.  If your rod requires the finest most delicate line to cast this is it.  Each rod has a different action and casts either heavier lines or lighter lines better.  Each of the lines do come in either a Ultra Light/Light size, or a Medium/Heavy.  I have been lucky enough to fish with all of these and have had great success with all of them.

Now to look towards the tip connections.  We offer three different choices in Shorb Loop, Tip Ring, or Micro Swivel.  The Shorb Loop works great and is the most delicate, in presentation, but requires a loop to loop connection so an loop knot is required in your tippet.  The Tip Ring is great in that it is so small and light it doesn’t sink the line of fly, and really from my personal experience spooked fish.  It is however very easy and quick to change tippet as you only need to tie your favorite clinch knot.  The Micro Swivel is a great option for any leader your are going to be throwing heavy weighted flies, or big flies like hoppers that sometimes get caught twisting a bit.  The swivel helps reduce this which gives you more time on the water fishing. 

These are the options of Leaders/Lines we carry at the moment.  We are constantly working on different and new innovative product lines.  We have one we are currently working on, but have had some good test runs to get it ready.  Stay tuned to hear more of this one and many more in the future!  We look forward to seeing pictures of yours just like these from a few of our customers, ENJOY!

Using our Silver Creek Tenkara Line

Using our Silver Creek Tenkara Line

Drews first fish on Tenkara, using the Shogun Line.

Drews first fish on Tenkara, using the Shogun Line.

One of the many beauties Shawn has caugth on our leaders.  This was using the Big Fly!

One of the many beauties Shawn has caugth on our leaders. This was using the Big Fly!

This beautiful Carp was caught on our Big Fly made custom to Ricks request, with a Micro Swivel!  He sure was glad to have that.

This beauty was caught on our Middle Weight!  He to has many pictures he's sent us of the beautiful fish he's catching.

This beauty was caught on our Middle Weight! He to has many pictures he’s sent us of the beautiful fish he’s catching.

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