DePuy Spring Creek Leader (Spring Creek Series)

Camo-with-orange-indicatorThe DePuy Spring Creek Leader is the premier leader.  It doesn’t absorb any water, and remains in the surface film without treating with any floatant, allowing it to be fished without sinking your fly.  The DePuy is made to throw the heaviest of flies with complete ease.  It comes in two styles which are camo and two toned.  Now other leaders on the market advertised as camo are our two toned leaders, and camo is a blend of two colors.  They also come with the option to add in a hi vis indicator tip to help locate your fly, and detect bites.  Our camo style leaders allow you maximum stealth on those crystal clear spring creeks, that can be difficult to fish.  We recommend using the shorb loop connection for ultimate stealth, but a tip ring or micro swivel will be very effective as well.  You will have the options to choose what style of leader you want, whether you want an indicator tip, tip connection, and line weight.  Your line weight is your rod and fly line weight so we can match your set up.


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