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A few of our customers have shared some pictures of their fish they have caught using our leaders.  We hope you enjoy these pictures!  We are excited and hope to continue getting more pictures from you guys.  Big or small we love them all.  Please share with us the success you have using our products.  Some people go for the big trophy fish while others love the small secluded stream in the middle of no where.  We love all the fish no matter the size.


Here is a few pictures from Shawn Sprenger who was fishing our Big Hog Leader.  These are two very beautiful Rainbows he caught.  Thanks for sharing these photos with us!





Here is a few pictures shared with us from Kayden Estep who was using our Middle Weight Furled Leader to catch some more beauties. He was throwing a weighted fly with a strike indicator for these, and says he was amazed with how easily the furled leader handled the fly turning over and landing the fish!


Here are some pictures of Drew Johnson experiencing Tenkara for the first time.  He was using our Shogun Line in a 13.5 ft length in Orange and Blue to match Boise State and loved how easily it cast.  He was using Renegades and PMD Cripples today.  Going in he was unsure as to how he would like  it, but by the time he was finished he couldn’t believe how much he really enjoyed it.

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