Vicuna Dubbing

Vicuna Dubbing Mixed Blend Single Pack

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Perfect alpaca dubbing blends for your nymphs, scuds, thorax, and soft hackle flies. The single pack allows you to choose just the colors you want. These alpaca blends bring you a natural dubbing which will produce that buggy effect on your fly patterns. 

Vicuna Dubbing single packs for fly tying

Vicuna Dubbing is an entirely natural product made from Alpaca wool which has been dyed and processed by hand to achieve a dubbing which adds the essential buggy effect to your fly patterns.

Up Close Look at Colors Below

Mulberry (used to be called plum)


Hare’s Ear SUB

Scarlet HES



Irish Fiery Brown

Claret HES

Blue Wing Olive

Iron Throne Grey


Machair Claret